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a class act ppt

這是a class act ppt,包括了Type of writing,Writing strategies (narrative techniques),Pre-reading Activities,Structure of the Text,Intensive Study等內容,歡迎點擊下載。

a class act ppt是由紅軟PPT免費下載網推薦的一款課件PPT類型的PowerPoint.

Learning Objectives Type of writing Writing strategies (narrative techniques) Pre-reading Activities Structure of the Text Intensive Study 良辰美景奈何天,為誰辛苦為誰甜 蜂——羅隱 不論平地與山尖, 無限風光盡被占。 采得百花成蜜后, 為誰辛苦為誰甜? Type of writing Narrative/narration The organization of a narrative: Part 1:Beginning (introduction) Setting, character Part 2 :The middle of the story (the development of the story) – plot (conflict, climax) Part 3:The ending (resolution) Writing strategies How to create a vivid picture of one’s emotions? (Find out the expressions and sentences in the text that indicate the mental pictures of the author’s emotion) Pre-reading Activities Share you high school experience with the class Tell the story of a teacher who impressed you with his or her kindness Structure of the Text Part 1 1-3:The hard conditions of the author’s family and their life during world war Part 2 4-7:her experience of humiliation in the school Part 3 8-11:excitement VS. torment Part 4 12-15:warm praise and encouragement Part 5 16-17:the immediate impact and everlasting influence on her Intensive Study(para1) Growing up in bomb-blitzed Manchester during the Second World War meant times were tough, money was short, anxiety was rife and the pawnshop was a families destination for many families, including mine. Words and expressions(para1) Blitz [blits] vt.: the Blitz to attack a place with bombs dropped from aircraft Manchester [mæntʃistə] :曼徹斯特(英格蘭西北部城市) Pawnshop [‘pɔ:nʃɔp]:當鋪 Rife  [raif] : very common or frequent Understanding of certain sentence … time were tough, money was short , anxiety was rife and the pawnshop was familiar destination for many families, including mine. Life in world war two was hard. so money was short of inadequate. Everyone was revolved in endless worries. Many families often went to the pawnshop to pawn the things they had for a little money, and the author’s family was no exception. 第1段 中文譯文 成長在二戰期間空襲不斷飽受戰火之苦的曼徹斯特意味著生活艱難、錢財短缺、惶惶不可終日,也意味著許多家庭都是當鋪的常客,當然也包括我家。 Intensive Study(para2) Yet I could not have asked for more enterprising and optimistic parents. They held our family together with hard work, dignity and bucketloads of cheer. My sturdy and ingenious father could turn his hand to almost anything and was never short of carpentry and handyman work. He even participated in the odd bout of backstreet boxing to make ends meet. For her part, our mum was thrifty and meticulously clean, and her five children were always sent to school well fed, very clean, and attired spotlessly, despite the hard conditions. Words (para2) Enterprising  ['entə.praiziŋ] :adj.—having or showing the ability to think of new projects or new ways of doing things 有事業心的、有進取心的,有創業精神的 N. ①–事業心,進取心(a man of enterprise) ②a company /business 公司,企業,事業單位 國有企業 state-owned enterprise 中小型企業 small and medium-sized enterprise Words (para2) “bucket loads of cheer” --- lots of joy ingenious: someone who is ingenious is very good at inventing things or at thinking of new ideas “… could turn his hand to almost anything --- was capable of doing almost anything” Words (para2) Meticulous( adj.) meticulous in sth—paying careful attention to every detail極仔細的; 一絲不茍的 a meticulous plan 周密的計劃 meticulous records 詳細的記錄 meticulously clean 一塵不染 Understanding of certain sentence “Yet I could not have asked for more enterprising and optimistic parents.” However, I had the most adaptable and optimistic parents in the world (because they did their best to support the family, to bring joy to the family and keep their children well-fed and spotlessly-attired. ) 第2段 中文譯文 不過,我不能對已經很有進取心和積極樂觀的父母要求更多了。他們用勤勞、自尊和滿屋子的歡笑撐起了這個家。我那剛毅而又智慧的父親,心靈手巧,他那雙手幾乎無所不能,從不缺木匠和手工藝活。為補貼家用,他甚至參加了偏僻街道的拳擊比賽。至于我的母親,她勤儉節約,把家收拾得干凈利落。即使條件艱苦,但她總能讓自己的五個孩子吃得飽飽地、穿得干凈整潔地上學去。 Conclusion Part Para 16&17 In this part the author tells the instant impact of the words and the lasting influence. Intensive Study(para16) The block of ice that was my young heart thawed instantly and my shoulders rose back to their full height. I’m sure the smile I gave that woman must have been the widest she’d ever seen. I floated through the rest of the day buoyed by the warmth generated by her thoughtfully chosen words. Words and expressions(para16) thaw vi. [θɔ:]: 融化, 解凍 if ice or snow thaws, or if something thaws it, it becomes warmer and changes into liquid Example: The ice thawed in the sun. 冰在陽光下融化。 thaw in East-West relations 東西方關系的解凍 Understanding of certain sentence “The block of ice that was my young heart thawed instantly ...” Implies that her heart had been frozen by the endless cold humiliations and that she was immediately moved by the warm words. Paraphrase My young heart was filled with warmth immediately ... Understanding of certain sentence "my shoulders rose back to their full height" I straightened my shoulders so that I sat upright. Notice this is the sign of the author regaining her confidence. Understanding of certain sentence I floated through the rest of the day buoyed by the warmth generated by her thoughtfully chosen words. I spent the rest of the day in high spirits feeling happier and more confident because of the warming sentence ... 第16段 中文譯文 我幼小心靈中的那塊堅冰瞬間消融了,我也不禁挺直了肩膀。我相信我當時回敬她的笑容是她所見過的最燦爛的笑容了。她仔細斟酌的話語溫暖了我,讓我興高采烈地度過了整整一天。 Intensive Study(para17) Although English Literature was her forte, that day Miss McVee taught me, and perhaps the whole class, a lesson in compassion that I have never forgotten. She taught me that one kind word in a time of need can last a lifetime. Indeed, her thoughtful words strengthened a part of my soul that has never been weakened by anyone or anything since. Words and expressions(para16) forte n.特長,專長,強項 something that someone is very good at or knows a lot about Example: Cooking is her forte. 她擅長烹調。 To negotiate with our buyers is my forte. 與買方談判是我的特長。 Words and expressions(para16) Compassion [kəmˈpæʃn] n.憐憫,同情; 惻隱之心 Example : Her heart was filled with compassion for the motherless children. 她對于沒有母親的孩子們充滿了憐憫心 She showed no compassion for her patients. 她對病人沒有任何同情心 Understanding of certain sentence .. English Literature was her forte ... Paraphrase: She was good at English Literature. 第17段 中文譯文 雖然麥克維小姐的專長是英語文學,但那天她卻給我——給全班——上了一堂持憐憫之心的課,我永志不忘。她讓我明白,一句及時的友善之言可以讓人受益終生。著實,她貼心的話讓我內心變得堅強起來,再也不為什么人、什么事所傷害。 Writing Strategies Examples: Every day I would battle back tears ... ... I had no choice but to see the punishment through. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends the thrilling news. Heavy-hearted, I dragged myself to school ... trudged up to the stage of my own accord to endure the sniggers Tears of frustration threatened to break free ...

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