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這是英語必修4unit2ppt,包括了詞匯拓展,閱讀理解,課文講解,As a young man, he saw the great need for increasing the rice output,年輕時,他就看到了稻田增產的巨大需求等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


英語必修4 Unit 2詞匯拓展 sunburnt adj. sun + burnt output n. out put hunger n. hungry adj. disturb vt. 令人煩惱 disturbing adj. 令人煩惱的 disturbed adj. 煩惱的 英語必修4 Unit 2詞匯拓展 surprise vt. surprising adj. surprised adj. move vt. moving adj. moved adj. 英語必修4 Unit 2詞匯拓展 5. expand v. expansion n. circulate v. circulation n. freedom n. free adj. equip v. equipment n. 設備 be equipped with 有… 英語必修4 Unit 2詞匯拓展 person n. personal adj. 10. confuse v. confusion n. 11. chemical adj. chemistry n. 12. produce v. production n. producer n. 生產者;制片人 英語必修4 Unit 2詞匯拓展 statistic n. 數據 statistics pl. bacteria n. 細菌 bacterium pl. 英語必修4 Unit 2 閱讀理解 Comprehending P11 Use the information in the passage to complete the following notes about Yuan Longping. 英語必修4 Unit 2閱讀理解 Name__________ Nationality _________ Age _________ Occupation _______ Education _________ Dream __________________________ Achievement ______________ Hobbies __________________ 英語必修4 Unit 2閱讀理解 Key: Name: Yuan Longping Nationality: Chinese Age: 77 (as of 2007) Occupation: Scientist Education: Graduated from Southwest Agricultural College, in 1953 Dream: to export his hybrid rice so that it can be grown around the globe Achievement : in 1973, developed hybrid rice which produces 20% more than normal rice Hobbies: listening to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming and reading 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Although he is one of China’s most famous scientists, Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer, for he works the land to do his research. 盡管是中國最著名的科學家之一,袁隆平仍然認為自己是個農民,因為他在田里耕作,進行科學研究。Indeed, his sunburnt face and arms and his slim, strong body are just like those of millions of Chinese farmers, for whom he has struggled for the past five decades. 的確,他被太陽曬得黝黑的臉龐和和手臂,以及他那瘦削而又結實的身軀,就跟其他千百萬中國農民一樣,過去50年來,他一直在努力幫助他們。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 1.although 雖然; 接讓步從句 (but) 2. for 因為 ; 原因從句 3.consider v. 認為 4.work the land 在田里耕作 5.like prep. 像… 6.millions of 千百萬 7.the past five decades 過去五十年 8.…for whom he has struggled…非限定性定語從句 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Dr Yuan Longping grows what is called super hybrid rice. 袁博士種植的是被 稱為“超級雜交水稻的”的稻種。 In 1974, he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice ( that has a high output. )1974年, 他成為世界上第一位種植高產水稻的 農業先鋒。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 9. the rice 先行詞( that has a high output.-定語從句 ) 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. 這種特殊的稻種使得同樣的田地多收獲三分之一的產量。Now more than 60% of the rice produced in China each year is from this hybrid strain.如今中國每年出產的稻米有60%以上出自這種雜交稻種。 Born in a poor farmer's family in 1930, Dr Yuan graduated from Southwest Agricultural College in 1953. 袁博士1930年出生,1953年畢業于西南農學院。Since then, finding ways to grow more rice has been his life goal. 從那時起,找到水稻高產的方法就成為他一生的目標。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 10. it :to produce one-third more of the crop… 11. the rice (produced in China each year-過去分詞詞組---定語---修飾rice ) 12. (finding ways to grow more rice –ing分詞詞組--主語--)has been his life goal. 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 As a young man, he saw the great need for increasing the rice output. 年輕時,他就看到了稻田增產的巨大需求。 At that time, hunger was a disturbing problem in many parts of the countryside. 當時,饑荒是許多農村地區面臨的嚴重問題。Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields. 袁博士要在不增加土地面積的基礎上尋求達到增收稻谷的途徑。 In 1950, Chinese farmers could produce only fifty million tons of rice. 1950年,中國農民只能生產五千萬噸稻谷, 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點:13. he saw the great need for increasing the rice output. for后面接ing 分詞詞組---介詞賓語 14.Dr Yuan searched for a way (to increase rice harvests---不定式詞組---定語) without (接ing 分詞詞組---介詞賓語expanding the area of the fields. ) 15. million    百萬 fifty million 五千萬   hundred million 億 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 In a recent harvest, however, nearly two hundred million tons of rice was produced. 而近來卻生產了將近兩億噸稻谷。These increased harvests mean that 22% of the world's people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. 這一糧食產量的增加意味著中國僅僅7%的耕地養活了世界22%的人口。 Dr Yuan is now circulating his knowledge in India, Vietnam and many other less developed countries to increase their rice harvests. 袁博士現在在印度、越南和很多其他欠發達國家傳播提高水稻產量的知識。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. 多虧了他的研究,聯合國在消除世界饑餓的戰斗中有了更多的辦法。Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. 用他的雜交水稻種子,農民種出的糧食比以前多了一倍。 Dr Yuan is quite satisfied with his life. 袁博士很滿意他的生活。However, he doesn't care about being famous. He feels it gives him less freedom to do his research. 但是,他對成名并不在意,并且覺得出名后搞科研就不那么自由了。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 16.thanks to …由于…多虧… 17.the battle (to rid the world of hunger---不定式—定語). 18. rid…of…使…擺脫;消除… 19. Using his hybrid rice, 現在分詞詞組-狀語 20.as large as before.比以前多了一倍 21. be satisfied with 對…滿意 22. care about 關心;在意 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Indeed, he believes that a person with too much money has more rather than fewer troubles. 事實上,他認為一個人有了太多錢,他的麻煩事只會更多,而不是更少。 He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture. 于是,他拿出好幾百萬元幫助其他人進行農業科學研究。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 22. would rather do sth. 寧愿… 23. enjoy doing sth. 24. spending money on himself or leading a comfortable life also---ing分詞詞組—主語 25. lead a comfortable life 過著舒適的生活 26.means little 沒有什么意義 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Just dreaming for things, however, costs nothing. 夢想是不花本錢的。 Long ago Dr yuan had a dream about rice plants as tall as sorghum. Each ear of rice was as big as an ear of corn and each grain of rice was as huge as a peanut. 很久以前,袁博士曾在夢里看到水稻長得像高粱一樣高,稻穗跟玉米穗一樣大,而每粒稻谷像花生米一樣大。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 Dr Yuan awoke from his dream with the hope of producing a kind of rice that could feed more people. 袁博士從夢中醒來,希望能種植一種能養活更多人的水稻。Now, many years later, Dr Yuan has another dream: to export his rice so that it can be grown around the globe. 在很多年后的今天,袁博士還有另外一個夢想,那就是他的稻谷可以出口并長遍全球。One dream is not always enough, especially for a person who loves and cares for his people.一個夢想總是不夠的,尤其對一個熱愛和關心人民的人來說更是如此。 英語必修4 Unit 2課文 講解 語言要點: 27. (Just dreaming for things, however,--ing分詞詞組---主語) costs nothing. 28. as…as 像…一樣 as tall as; as big as; as huge as; 29. dream with the hope of (producing a kind of rice---ing分詞詞組---介詞賓語)( that could feed more people. 定語從句修飾rice)

英語必修4ppt:這是英語必修4ppt,包括了高頻單詞必記,斗爭;拼搏;努力使變大;伸展 循環;流傳,重點短語必背等內容,歡迎點擊下載。





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